Tips for Running an Effective Nonprofit Board Meeting

When it comes to nonprofit board meetings, clear communication is key.

Many nonprofit boards meet monthly or quarterly It’s vital that board members are aware of the purpose of their meetings and how they are incorporated into your overall strategy. Instead of spending time on minor updates that could be distributed via your board portal, or at a board package meetings it is essential to focus on generative goals and strategically informed decisions that can help expand your nonprofit.

It’s also helpful to develop a specific agenda for each meeting, and then send out the materials in advance so that your board members can familiarize themselves with the topic of discussion. It’s impossible to have an efficient board meeting if your members arrive at the meeting with a plethora of documents such as reports, reports and other documents.

Include the “mission-moment” at each board meeting to highlight the real-world success and progress of your organization. This will keep your board members excited and engaged throughout every meeting. It doesn’t matter if your mission moment is to share images or videos of testimonials, it is a great method of keeping board members invested in the success of your business. When it’s time to focus on other responsibilities or fundraising, your board will be motivated to meet the goals of your organization. Check out our article for more suggestions on how to run an effective board meeting for nonprofits.