Recipe: Cornish Game Hen 3 Ways: Smoked, Grilled and Oven Roasted

Halfway through, baste the hen by brushing some sauce over it. When it’s finished, cover the pan with aluminum foil and let the hen rest for 5 minutes before serving. Food cooked in a salt crust will be finished in about 1/3 the time it normally would. These Cornish game hens only take about 30–45 minutes to cook. With their simple preparation and short cook time, salt-roasted cornish game hens are a low-stress addition to any menu.

  • Regardless of whether you like piri piri chicken or not, Cornish hen in the air fryer is ideal for an easy meal for two.
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  • If you are worried that the cornish hen will not cook enough until the bones, you could cook it at a lower temperature.
  • Be sure olive oil coats every crevice of the bird.

Add additional oil and place over MEDIUM-HIGH heat. Add half of the chopped steak and cook, stirring frequently, for about 4 to 5 minutes, or until no pink remains. Season with ½ teaspoon each seasoned salt and garlic pepper while cooking. Transfer first batch of steak with a slotted spoon to dish with onions and peppers, leaving juice behind in pan. Add additional oil, if needed and repeat with remaining steak and seasoning.

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This Instant Vortex Plus Cornish Game Hen recipe is incredibly easy to make and is packed with so much flavor. You will fall in love with the crispy outside with the moist tender inside. Cooking your cornish hen in the Instant Vortex Plus gives you a perfectly roasted game hen every single time.

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Rough chop the vegetables into equal-sized pieces and place them in the bottom of a roasting pan or oven-safe braiser. Pour about ½ cup of water into the bottom of the pan to keep the vegetables from drying out. Arrange the hens directly on the grill grates.

Given their small size, Cornish hens are a great choice for the grill. Once split and flattened they cook quickly, stay moist and juicy and have so much natural flavor they need very little attention in the seasoning department. Great recipe Bobbi…somehow I have never cooked cornish hen…indeed easier to handle than the regular chicken since they are smaller…thanks for sharing the recipe…looks super tasty. If you already have prepared Moroccan spice, skip to nextstep. There are many ways to prepare a Cornish Hen but if you want yours extra crispy skinned and tender meat, embrace the grilling season.

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How To Cook Cornish Game Hens

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