Legal Rap: Understanding the Law

Yo, listen up, let’s talk about the size paper legal,
Don’t get it twisted, it ain’t just about the he-said-she-said sequels.
But when it comes to contracts and agreements,
You gotta know the dimensions, don’t make no arraignments.

Heading down to the Brazosport contractor safety council,
You gotta be on point to avoid that cancel,
They ain’t playin’ when it comes to safety and rules,
So before you start work, check in with those dudes.

Now, if you wanna join the feds, you need to know,
The FBI training requirements before you go,
They ain’t just gonna let anyone in,
So make sure you’re trained up to win.

If you’re having issues with your crib, don’t despair,
The law center for better housing is there,
They’ll give you the legal assist,
To help you through the legal twist.

Down in Madrid, they got the Andersen tax legal team,
They’ll help you navigate that legal stream,
Don’t mess around with them taxes,
They’ll make sure you’re on the right legal axis.

Now, if you’re wondering about the legal definition of annulment,
It’s more than just a simple adjustment,
They’ll break it down for you nice and clear,
So you don’t get lost in the legal atmosphere.

Hey, in Texas, you gotta watch your back,
If you’re wondering if it’s legal to carry a katana, don’t slack,
There’s rules and regulations you gotta know,
Before you decide to let that katana show.

When it comes to borrowing dough from your friend,
Make sure you got that simple loan agreement template between friends to lend,
Don’t mess up that friendship with a money blend,
Get it all legal, before the money pend.

And if you’re working 5 hours, you need a break,
Know the legal break time, for goodness sake,
Don’t let your boss push you around,
Know your rights, don’t let the boss clown.

Now, if you’re doing a skit, don’t just wing it,
Know the rules for skit competition, and hit it,
There’s regulations you gotta follow,
To make sure your skit competition doesn’t wallow.