How to Write a Board Meeting Schedule

A board meeting schedule is a written document that outlines the various topics that a board of directors should focus. The schedule for a board meeting should include the date, time and location of the meeting as well as brief descriptions of each topic to help attendees prepare.

Board members are usually busy and require plenty of time to plan their schedules. Experts recommend at least 5 to 7 days to allow adequate preparation of board materials including agendas and other documents that are required.

The first item on the board meeting agenda typically includes an overview of the progress made since the last meeting, which includes milestones and key achievements as also missed targets as well as other issues that may require further investigation. It is also a chance for the executive director to give a review of the business outlook, highlighting favourable and unfavourable trends.

Following the summary of the progress the items that require to be voted on will be asked for a vote. These are usually resolutions that require a formal decision by the board and could be implemented as new policies.

The next items on the agenda of the board meeting are likely to be reviewing the previous minutes as well as any other actions that were discussed at the last meeting. It is crucial to ensure that all actions are documented and followed on, and these should be outlined in detail.