How to Hold an Online Board Meeting

Board meetings online can be held with all the advantages of a meeting in person. By allowing members to attend, and utilizing modern tools for online collaboration, you can be sure that your meetings are effective and efficient. However, you’ll have to make sure that the basics are in place.

Begin by making a complete list of attendees. This is a must-do for all board meetings and especially for virtual ones. If you don’t obtain the complete list of attendees prior to the meeting you risk of not including people who could have valuable insight or ideas to share.

It should be clear how everyone can participate in the meeting. If necessary, provide multiple options for joining, such as via audio and video.

Utilize modern remote board software with a range of features designed to enhance participation and make meetings more fun. The right software will also help you keep your meeting on track and allow for efficient minutes-taking and effective discussions.

Set a specific goal for each topic. This keeps the discussion focused and helps reduce the amount of time wasted on irrelevant topics. It’s also helpful to include the time limit for each item of discussion. This is since it’s very easy for the meeting to drift off course and take longer than planned.

Create a waiting room for those who aren’t able to get to the meeting, but want to. This is helpful if there’s an unexpected conflict in scheduling or a technical problem that’s not able to be solved.