Famous 21st Century Personalities Chat

Let’s eavesdrop on a conversation between two of the most famous personalities of the 21st century, Bollywood actor **[Ranbir Kapoor]** and Islamic legal scholar **[Mufti Menk]**.

Ranbir KapoorMufti Menk
Hey Mufti, have you watched any good **[legal drama movies]** in **[Bollywood](https://dbsguru.com/top-10-legal-drama-movies-bollywood-must-watch-indian-legal-films/)** recently?Hi Ranbir! I must confess I don’t watch many movies, but I’ve been checking out the **[99 Islamic legal maxims]** on **[Islamic law principles](https://gamanuclear.net/99-islamic-legal-maxims-understanding-islamic-law-principles/)**. They are quite enlightening.
That’s interesting, Mufti. By the way, I need some advice on a **[tenancy agreement for an unfurnished property](http://townshendgroup.com/tenancy-agreement-for-unfurnished-property-legal-guide-resources/)**. Can you help me understand the legal aspects of it?Sure, Ranbir. Let me break down the specifics for you. Also, have you heard about the **[ascent agreement]** and **[legal document preparer services in Yuma, AZ](https://saecs.in/2022/05/24/legal-document-preparer-yuma-az-affordable-and-reliable-services/)**?
Thanks, Mufti. That’s really helpful. By the way, do you know anything about **[fitness equipment rental agreements](https://gayclup.com/fitness-equipment-rental-agreement-legal-terms-and-conditions/)**?Yes, Ranbir. I can guide you on that. By the way, have you considered a career as a **[legal counsellor](https://bft-agricole.com/legal-counselor-job-description-duties-responsibilities-and-skills/)**?
Interesting, Mufti. I’ll keep that in mind. Also, do you have any **[company agreement contract samples](https://aldawree.com/2023/04/26/company-agreement-contract-sample-free-sample-template-for-business-contracts/)** that I can refer to?Yes, I do. And if you need any **[legal aid in Tioga County, NY](https://www.ctmaindia.com/2022/01/19/legal-aid-tioga-county-ny-free-legal-assistance-resources/)**, I can point you in the right direction.
Awesome. Thanks, Mufti. By the way, when do you think **[online gambling will be legal in Missouri](https://feitonasix.com.br/index.php/2023/03/03/when-will-online-gambling-be-legal-in-missouri-latest-updates-and-news/)**?It’s a complex issue, Ranbir. Let’s discuss it over some legal tea!